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Set of Four French Food Rationing Propaganda Posters, c.1916
colour lithographs including 'Cultivons Notre Potager' (Grow our Gardens) by Louisette Jaeger, age 14, 'Economisons le pain en mangeant des pommes de terre' (Let's save bread by eating potatoes) by Yvonne Vernet, age 14, 'Ne Pas Gaspiller le Pain est Notre Devoir' (Do Not Waste Bread, It is our Duty) by S. Vincent, and 'Je Suis Une Brave Poulle de Guerre, Je mange Peu et Produis Beaucoup' (I Am A Brave War Chicken, I Eat Little And Produce A Lot) by G. Douanne, age 16, each framed, sight 20 x 13 in — 50.8 x 33 cm 28.5 x 21 in — 72.4 x 53.3 cm

During the first world war, Union Francaise and Comité National de Prévoyance et d'Economies issued a series of posters designed by school children to encourage prudence in food production and consumption.

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