Lot 263

PARR (1893-1969), ᐸ, E7-1022, CAPE DORSET / KINNGAIT

stonecut, 1964, 28/50

21 x 26 in — 53.3 x 66 cm

"In his own way, Parr was something of an actor. When he brought drawings to the studio, he knew one of the printmakers would likely attempt to provoke him by asking rude questions about his prowess. Parr's customary routine would be to revert to playing the old senile man, grunting a good natured acceptance of their remarks and feigning deafness. His dealings with me left quite another impression - that of a man engaged in his art on many levels and appreciative of the opportunity to raw and share his world. Parr put down his pencil only a few months before his death."

Terrence Ryan, excerpt from
Sanattiaqsimajut, Inuit Art from the Carleton University Art Gallery Collection, 2009, p. 57

Estimate: $2,500—3,500

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