Lot 5

Chris Cran

In this unique lot, the artist is donating the creation of a custom portrait in 'tondo' format, as represented by the featured image.
diameter 16 in — 40.6 cm

Donated by the artist

Chris Cran is a painter who is concerned with illusion, the reception of illusion and things photographic.

In keeping with his series (Chorus Series), that Cran has been making for several years, the commissioned image will be of the features of a face without showing the edges of a face.

The purchaser will decide who is to be represented and provide several different images of the subject (head only). The direction of the gaze of the subject will be determined and several examples of similar poses both to the side and forward will be provided as part of the creation process.

The artist will process an image (with lines) for the purchaser's review and approval. Next step will be to review colour samples of various tondos and and the creation of the final work.


Estimate: $4,000–6,000


Closing Bid:


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