Lot 119

A Finely Carved Archaic Jade Fitting, Shang to Zhou Dynasty
商/周 勾雲紋劍飾
length 2 in — 5.1 cm

Archaic Jades from the Estate of Harry Geoffrey Beasley (Lots 118-129)

Harry Geoffrey Beasley (1881-1939) was a British anthropologist and museum curator. He was known for establishing the Cranmore Ethnographical Museum, which grew to hold more than 6,000 important ethnographic objects during its time. After his death in 1939, his collection was moved to the British Museum right as the war began, during which the Cranmore Museum was destroyed by bombing. After the war, substantial portions of the Beasley Collection were passed onto the British Museum, the Royal Museum in Edinburgh, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, and the Liverpool Museums. The current lots were acquired from H.G Beasley’s widow, who passed away in 1974.



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